Jarosław Betlej
Contemporary Art
The Best Auction Result
The work 'Ooh, yogini' has achieved at the 4th Auction of Super Young Art at the Auction House Polswissart in Warsaw on December 10th, 2013 the transaction price of PLN 7.130,- (the winning bid PLN 6.200,-), at the same time the best result of this auction. 
'Ooh, yogini', oil, 100x100cm. 
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Innovation with an Excellent Auction Result
The work "Ooh, Zephyr" with its three-dimentional interpretation of the warm wind enjoyed a high recognition at the 5th Auction of Super Young Art at the Auction House Polswissart in Warsaw on February 11th, 2014 achieving the third highest transaction price of PLN 4.370,- (the winning bid PLN 3.800,-).
'Ooh, Zephyr', oil, wooden necklace varnished, special installation, 50x50cm.
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An Art Work on a Historical Topic in a Museum.
'Reymont, Four Seasons.' in the collections of the Museum of History of Peasants' Movement.
Oil, 40x50cm.
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Lukas Podolski, the Collector
'Football Electrocardiogram' by the Artist and its happy Owner.
Oil, 80x180cm. 
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Polaroidism 3D. Oil Painting in a Very New Dimension.
This huge work is a further development of my own style Polaroidism - now in a 3D shape. This piece is a subject of an exhibition in Riga, Latvia and in further four cities there (i.a. Kraslaw, Jelgava). I have the honor to be a part of the exclusive patronage of Polish Diplomacy (vide: invitations).
This art work is an installation consisting of 18 oil paintings, representing Artist's intrepretation of 17 portraits from the historic photography, 270x470cm, 59kg. 
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Exhibition in New York City for the Finalists of an International Art Competition
Jaroslaw Betlej as one of 30 Finalists from 10 countries selected for the International Art Exhibition at the Jeffrey Leder Gallery.
Read here: link.
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New This Week at Saatchi Online
The work chosen into the Collection of the Week by the Saatchi Gallery Online.
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Watch the Film on Art Exhibition at the Castle Holligen, Bern, Switzerland
Solo exhibition of the collection with the own style of the Artist 'Polaroidism'. Click to watch. 
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